The Very Reverend

René Rory John

Seventh Dean of Trinity Cathedral

The Very Rev. René Rory John is the seventh Dean of Trinity Cathedral, Trenton, New Jersey, elected October 2006. He was ordained in 1985 in the Diocese of Trinidad & Tobago. He is a graduate of Codrington College and the University of the West Indies. He also attended General Theological to work on an STM in Christian Spirituality.

Dean John ministered in Trinidad & Tobago for five years before migrating to Brooklyn, New York in 1989 and New Jersey in 2007. In Trinidad & Tobago, New York and New Jersey, Dean René John has served on various Diocesan Committees – Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, Department of Stewardship, Department of Budget, Programs and Services and the Commission on Ministry.

Dean John has overseen the growth of the Cathedral’s outreach ministries, including expanding the Food Pantry and opening a satellite meal program of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. He has also spearheaded opportunities for important discussions on gun violence, and its contribution to the death of our citizens. The Trinity Strings, under the Directorship of Sherri Anderson is one of the joys of Dean John’s tenure; a marvelous, accomplished group of diverse youth learning to play an assortment of musical instruments.

During Dean John’s leadership the Cathedral revised its vision and mission, refocusing the parish’s activities on broad evangelization and increased, meaningful outreach. Ministry for Dean John is about collaborating and learning to work in concert with others for the building up of our community.

Dean John is the proud father of three – twin daughters, graduates of Stanford University and University of Delaware and a son, a graduate of Tampa University. Dean John is married to Andrea Sandiford John, formerly of Barbados, West Indies.


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September 8, 2023