Creation Care Ministry

Our response to God’s undeniable love for Creation

A few days before Earth Day 2023, we were excited to hold the inaugural meeting of Trinity Cathedral’s Creation Care Ministry. We were brought together by our deep passion and concern for “this fragile earth, our island home,” to discern how God is calling us to be better stewards of creation. After exploring what Creation Care means to us as individuals, we examined how the abuse of our planet, over-consumption, and environmental injustices and fundamentally theological issues, and as people of faith we have no choice but to respond to the current climate emergency and all the consequences that flow from it.

Taking our lead from The Episcopal Church[1], we used the three broad categories of Formation, Advocacy, and Conservation to brainstorm potential Creation Care Initiatives for Trinity Cathedral. Below is a sample of what we discussed:

Formation: Education and Awareness, getting the word out, preaching, teaching, parish forums and workshops. Special Liturgies.

Advocacy: Partnering with organizations and agencies in support of environmental justice, standing alongside the marginalized, vulnerable peoples, the aged, those most affected by climate change, Environmental Racism, and the transition to clean energy sources.

Conservation: Review of Cathedral policies on power usage, food and water choices. Support/initiate neighborhood “greening” projects, working with partner organizations.

The next step is to present specific proposals to the Cathedral leadership for consideration and approval. Please look out for further updates in Trinity Times and elsewhere as they develop. Most of all, please include our Creation Care Ministry in your prayers!


Report of Trinity Cathedral’s Sustainability Commission, 2014

[1] The Episcopal Church’s Report on Creation Care