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Trinity Cathedral Food Pantry

Trinity Cathedral Food Pantry

The food pantry is another way the cathedral addresses the problem of hunger in our community, serving both the needs of our parishioners, as well as those of our brothers and sisters in surrounding neighborhoods. Through generous monetary contributions and donations of perishable and nonperishable food items from: cathedral members, partner congregations, local grocery stores, and the federal Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and  the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP); and with hands-on assistance from community volunteers, two Saturdays each month the cathedral distributes healthy and nutritious food to residents of the greater Trenton area, totally more than 4000 bags, annually. In the spirit of Christian fellowship, food pantry guests are also invited to assist in preparing food for distribution and to join us for parish events.

In order to continue to provide quality service to our guests, we depend on regular support in the following areas: monetary contributions, non-perishable food donation, transportation of donated items, sorting and repacking of food for distribution, and promotion of hunger awareness and advocacy for change. Please contact the cathedral for ways to become involved.

To access resources, visitors should come to the four (4) red doors off the Cathedral’s driveway on West State Street on the designated Saturday, from 9 am to 11 am. First-time visitors should bring ID along with proof of income.

​2024 Schedule

January 13, 27

February 10, 24

March 9, 23

April 13, 27

May 11, 25

June 8, 22

July 13, 27

August 10, 24

September 14, 28

October 12, 26

November 9, 23

Plus Turkey Day – TBA (must sign up)

December* 7, 21

(* Note: 1st & 3rd Saturdays this month)

The Pantry has a special program from Thanksgiving Day, visitors may sign up on-site (date TBA) to take part in this initiative.

The Trinity Cathedral Walking Trail

Trinity Cathedral was the recipient of a “Faith In Prevention Programming Grant” in May, 2015. This grant was written in response to a proposal from the Trenton Health Team for services to provide a healthier eating environment for our outreach programs, expansion of our herbal gardens and the construction of a walking trail. As a result of this grant, Trinity Cathedral was also awarded the “Above and Beyond” Certificate from the Trenton Health Team and Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals.

On Friday, May 20th, members of Trinity Cathedral, Trenton Health Team, New Jersey Health Quality Institute and the United Health Foundation held a joint press conference announcing a new Trenton initiative, “Healthy Communities Create Healthy Citizens” and the grand opening of our Walking Trail. Below is a map of the walking trail, which is punctuated by stations featuring inspirational quotes. Please feel free to visit our walking trail and enjoy!

For additional information, please contact Clara Gregory (msclaragregory@gmail.com)

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK)

The cathedral has served as a satellite location for TASK since 2009, serving hot meals each Thursday evening. Meals are prepared at the TASK headquarters and transported to the cathedral, along with juice, milk, bread, cookies, and donated produce. A faithful band of volunteers from the cathedral, as well as others including individuals from Grace-St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mercerville, Abiding Presence Lutheran Church in Ewing, and local students during summer months, set up, serve an average of 50 meals each week, and clean up afterwards. During the winter months, we have been regularly blessed with a large donation of socks, hats, and jackets which are also distributed at these events. This rewarding “hands on” ministry is suitable for all ages and skills! Please feel free to contact the cathedral to see how you can become part of the team.

Learn more about TASK